Planning an Island Vacation can leave you dizzy from all the amazing tropical destinations to choose from.  Grand Cayman have been a top choice for millions of tourists, offering the very best beaches, restaurants, accommodations, water sports and family activities for even the most discerning vacationers.  Let's just say, we are delighted that you have chosen to visit the Cayman Islands, and we are committed to helping you get started right with a pleasant, hassle-free solution to getting around and seeing the many places of interest.

Explore the Island at your own pace 

Although Grand Cayman Island is a mere 196 square kilometers (76 square miles), you simply cannot walk around the entire island, and taxi fares can be cost prohibitive for frequent outings, and especially out of the question if you want to site-see at your own pace.  With so much to see and discover, hiring a car, jeep or mini-van is definitely a smart idea.

If you fancy exploring the more secluded areas of the island like Rum Point, East End, North Side or Bodden Town, you will find it is much cheaper to drive yourself around than taking taxi to and from these top spots.  From the Turtle Farm in the district of West Bay to Rum Point on the North Side of the island, there's lots to see and do.  


For those looking for a little privacy for at a secluded snorkeling spot or to sunbathe, there are many options away from the hustle of 7-Mile Beach. Check out Cayman Kia and Rumpoint, or visit the little known beach spot in Spanish Bay, along Conch Point Road in West Bay.  You wlll even find beach rides on horses there.  Visit the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park in Frank Sound. See the Blow Holes in East End and then grab some delightful local cuisine at Vivine's Kitchen.

visiting the Cayman Islands

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Tourism has a long history in Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, and showing welcoming hospitality is simply a way of life. In fact, even though the islands boast some of the finest accommodations, world-class dining, and water sports in the Caribbean, most visitors agree that the warmth and welcoming spirit of the Caymanian people is what keeps them coming back.

Cayman Islands Roundabout

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Worried about driving in the Cayman Islands - AND especially on the wrong (left) side of the road?  

The following pointers should allay your fears. You will be pleased to find one of the best maintained road systems in the Caribbean with clear signage and courteous drivers (yes, folks here will actually stop and let you into traffic with a wave).   Getting around Cayman is easy. For now, here is the minimum you need to know.

a pristine coral reef system

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The reefs off Cayman’s coast are some of the healthiest in the Caribbean. Some estimates place healthy coral coverage at only 30% off Cayman’s historical levels. Sadly, it’s often those of us who love the underwater world that are the main culprits of damage. With more than 300,000 dives take place every year on Grand Cayman alone here are some general safe diving tips that will keep coral healthy and you safe:

beach from Cayman Islands vacation rental

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Grand Cayman Island Condos & Vacation Rentals

Most condos and private vacation rentals have many of the same amenities as the top beachfront hotels -- pool, gym, satelite TV, internet, etc -- but, you also get a full kitchen, many rooms and, most importantly, privacy.   There are fringe benefits to that luxury resort.  Let's just be honest: neither condominiums or vacation rentals have a concierge, room service or restaurant.  Unless you plan to dine out every night (which you could easily and happily do) you will want to stock up on grocieries. If you are located in one of the many condos along Seven Mile Beach, you can probably get away with calling a taxi. But, even though the quality of service is high, taxi fare can be quite expensive. If you want to do any exploring you will be much better off renting a car.

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Choosing where to stay on your vacation takes planning, especially if you are cost conscious and looking for the best deals.  Of course, there is nothing quite so relaxing as staying in a hotel. Nearly everything is taken care of for you. You get 24-hour room service, maids to make the beds and tidy up, meals in the restaurant, and a concierge waiting to answer questions, arrange tours, call taxis and generally make your stay as smooth as possible. In addition, most of the hotels on Grand Cayman are situated along the main strip of 7-Mile Beach.

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The Cayman Islands are a self-governing British Crown colony, part of the former British Overseas Territories. The country is composed of three islands (Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman) with an envious standard of living, an economy fueled by a combination of one of the world’s largest banking centers and world-class scuba diving and water sports tourism.

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